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YBrs. Dr. Zaidi Razak


YBrs. Dr. Zaidi Razak was appointed as a Commission Member of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission on 7 July 2020, for a period of two (2) years.

He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons), a Master's Degree for Research in Chip Design, and a PhD in Image Processing, particularly in Jawi Character Recognition; all from the University of Malaya.
As the incumbent General Manager of the Sarawak Multimedia Authority, he spearheads Sarawak’s Digital Economy initiatives that encompasses seven key economic sectors and eight enablers. During the early days of Covid-19 pandemic, he successfully led a project team to implement the digital wristband surveillance system, the first of its kind in Malaysia.
Dr. Zaidi was the Chief Secretariat for the State Digital Economy Initiatives, the State IT Chief Security Officer and the State Open Sharing Data Coordinator under the Sarawak Service Modernisation Unit.  He also assumed the role of Head of Income Generator Task Force and consulted on Telecommunications, MS ISO Standards, Control System, Character Recognition, and Internet of Things (IoT) for government agencies. In the academic realm, Dr. Zaidi served as the Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, University of Malaya (UM). He had worked a stint as a programmer in Celcom (M) Bhd.
He published 51 research papers and journals and also co-written a book entitled ‘Pengenalan Kepada Sistem Pengendalian Edisi Kedua’. Dr. Zaidi's contributions were recognised with a Gold Medal at the Exposition on Islamic Innovation in Kuala Lumpur (2014), Gold Medal British Invention', 8th British Invention Show (2008) and the Silver Medal International Exhibition ‘IDEAS-INVENTIONS-NEW PRODUCTS’ (iENA) (Germany, 2008).