Capacity Development Programme (CDeP) 2023

Why should you take part in CDeP

Our CDeP series provides fundamental knowledge and understanding of the evolution of mobile technology and insights on the implementation of 5G in support of the nation’s MyDIGITAL initiative,the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP) and the concept of Malaysia Madani.
Our competent trainers are MCMC Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) coming from the core divisions and departments of MCMC. Hence, the learning content is holistic, industry-centric and the trainers are able to provide practical, real case experiences pertaining to the programme contents.
MCMC being the regulator for the C&M industry in Malaysia provides authorised and first-hand information related to the topics as approved by the Commission. We do not promote ‘off the shelf’ content by any other training providers. The CDeP series is guided by key competency areas covered by the Communications and Multimedia Act (1998) and the technical industry standards published by MCMC. 
Our programmes are designed through a structured instructional design process to achieve an optimum learning outcome. The CDeP series is offered through a physical face-to-face session. The programmes also provide hands-on experiential learning through industry visits, as well as utilise approved standard equipments or tools for a comprehensive learning experience.

This series serves as an ideal platform for knowledge and ideas exchange among diverse participants that comes from various industry sectors.
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