Accelerated Leadership Programme Series (ALPS)

Changing trends and strategies require reimagining talent, with a focus on digital and diverse talent for higher impact. Hence, it is imperative for the Commission to identify tomorrow’s leaders today. The Commission needs to assess talents against business goals to enable our leaders to advance corporate strategy, adapt to disruption, drive market success and dynamically increase impact for years to come. A programme such as ALPs is designed to build such capacity as well as establish a dynamic platform for high potentials to showcase their ability. The Accelerated Leadership Programme Series or better known as ALPs was officially launched by Chairman on the 1st of October 2020. 

The key takeaways of the ALPs programme are:

  • To accelerate and unlock staffs’ potential  to dexterously oscillate between long term and short term thinking, create trade-offs and make decisions in imperfect situations, quickly
  • To elevate self-value for future career progression; and
  • To improve staffs’ self-development while aligned with MCMC’s goals.
ALPs is a 15-month programme targeted for High Potential Talents (HiPos). What makes this programme unique than any other MCMC programmes is through their specialised framework which centres on three (3) key principles which are Learn, Apply and Share stages. 
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