Licence Under AKM 98

Class Licence - NFP, NSP, ASP & CASP



An applicant who wishes to provide facilities and/or, network and/or applications service or content applications services which are subject to a class licence will have to submit the following to MCMC:-

        a) Two copies of the duly completed Form D per licence;
        b) A registration fee of RM2,500.00 per licence;
        c) Details as per the checklist attached Checklist
        d) Application template ANNEXURE 2; and
        e) Such additional information or document as may be requested by MCMC.

Registration of a class license is valid for one calendar year only. Prior to the expiry of the same, the class licensee must submit a fresh application to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission together with the relevant fees and documents.


A registration fee of RM2,500.00.

The list of all applicable licence fees are as per table below:-

Types of fees Fees(RM)
Initial registration fee and annual registration fee (per year) 2,500.00
Application for certified true copy of class licence registration notice 10.00 per page
Application for certified true copy of class licence 10.00 per page
Fee for change of particulars in the registration notice of class licence 50.00 
Fee for making a copy of, or taking extracts from, the register 1.00 per page


This guidebook provides a guide to the type of information that is required in all licence applications and the criteria applied by MCMC in evaluating all licence application. Licensing Guidebook

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