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National 5G Task Force Established

15 Dec 2018
The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has established a national 5G Task Force in November 2018 to study and recommend a holistic strategy for 5G deployment in Malaysia. A collaborative effort with relevant stakeholders, the Task Force comprise members from the private sector, Ministries and agencies representing the demand and supply side of the ecosystem.

The Task Force is expected to complete its study and produce a final report for the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and Minister of Communications and Multimedia by September 2019.

It is divided into 4 working groups with the following focus areas:
Business Case
  • Economic areas and benefit to the nation i.e. GDP growth, creation of new jobs, etc;
  • User trends, requirements and demand study - industry and general public;
  • Financial considerations in adoption of 5G; and
  • Proposals to encourage 5G adoption.
  • Infrastructure requirements and coverage for optimum 5G deployment for different services – eg. retail, wholesale, consumer, industry, etc.;
  • Gaps analysis on current networks to deliver 5G nationwide, including expected cost, challenges, etc.;
  • Infrastructure planning, approval and addressing right-of-way (“ROW”) issues; and
  • Proposed strategy to deliver 5G coverage to rural areas.
Spectrum Management & Allocation
  • Current progress for spectrum allocation at ITU, APT and Malaysia;
  • Required bandwidth to support national targets;
  • Identified bands for Malaysia; and
  • Timeline for spectrum allocation.
  • Accommodating future business models for network providers and relevant stakeholders;
  • Technical standards to be adopted;
  • Optimum number of mobile operators;
  • Constraints in the current regulatory framework related to communications, i.e. competition, access, consumer protection, security, licensing, and state governments and local council policies etc.; and
  • Proposed improvements to current regulatory framework.
Parties who are interested in participating, contributing ideas and resources to any of the working groups are invited to send an email to the relevant working group:
Working Group Email
Business Case
Spectrum Management & Allocations
General inquiries can be directed to the 5G Task Force Secretariat at


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