Apparatus Assignment

An apparatus assignment confers rights on a person to use the spectrum to operate a network facility of a specified kind at a specified frequency at a specified frequency band or bands. Amateur Radio assignment and microwave link assignment is an example of apparatus assignment .

The specified frequency band to be assigned must be consistent with the Spectrum Plan. An apparatus assignment is valid of up to a maximum period of 5 years.

Apparatus Assignment Application

Application for apparatus assignment can be made by the following methods:
a)submission of hard copy at the MCMC headquarters or regional offices; or
b)online submission through e-Spectra.
Application form may be downloaded from the link provided below.

Apparatus Assignment Application Form

An application fee of RM60.00 for each apparatus assignment application must be paid upon submission of application to MCMC.
The flow chart provides the end-to-end process for application of apparatus assignment:

Guidelines on application for apparatus assignment are provided below:
Guidelines for Apparatus Assignment 
Apparatus Assignment Interactive Guideline
Appendices of Guidelines for Apparatus Assignment 
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