2022 Digital Society Research Grant: Call For Proposals - Cycle 2


The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is inviting all eligible researchers to submit research proposals under the Digital Society Research Grant (DSRG) programme.


The Call for Proposals (CFP) will be open for a period of one (1) month:
  • Start : Wednesday, 10 August 2022
  • Close: 5:00 pm, Friday , 9 September 2022.

The DSRG builds the research evidence base necessary to promote and improve our understanding of the human and social factors, which affects and contributes to the adoption and usage of digital technologies and services. In so doing, DSRG funded research works provide inputs in ensuring that the advancements in communications infrastructure and services contribute to the inclusion and participation of all segments of the population in the realisation of a Digitally Connected and Informed Society (Digital Society).

For DSRG 2022 Cycle 2, MCMC is seeking GUIDED research projects to clarify regulatory and developmental gaps and inform actionable outcomes in the following categories:
  • Digital Citizenship and Cyberwellness (DCC) which is aimed at clarifying gap areas influencing participation, positive uptake and wellness in an increasingly digitally dependent world.

  • Digital Inclusion (DI) which seeks to clarify regulatory and developmental gaps in areas related to factors that impede equality of access and challenge the paradigm of ensuring that no one is left behind or is deprived of digital connectivity and its benefits. 

Please refer to the list below for DSRG 2022 Cycle 2 Research Titles. Further information on gap area, targeted research subjects, research problem and context together with desired research aims and objectives can be referred to in the Application Guideline in Section E.

List of research related to Digital Citizenship and Cyberwellness (DCC)
  1. DCC-1: Public Awareness on MCMC Label for Communications Equipment

  2. DCC-2: Public Perception on Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Emissions from 5G Radio Communication Infrastructure and Consumer Premise Equipment (CPE)

  3. DCC-3: Micro-credential courses in facilitating capacity building in identified areas of Communications and Multimedia (C&M)

  4. DCC-4a: Public and Governmental Sector Adoption of Digital Signature usage for e-Government initiatives

  5. DCC-4b: Medium Term Forecast on Digital Signature Market Demand and Supply – A study on the sufficiency of the existing number of Certification Authorities (CAs) for Digital Signature in Malaysia

  6. DCC-4c: Feasibility of a Government - owned Certification Authority (CA) to support Government services

  7. DCC-5: Public Awareness, Perception and Acceptance of Malaysia's National Digital Identity initiative.

  8. DCC-6: Identification of Carbon Footprint Contribution towards the Promotion of Responsible Consumption amongst identified Online Businesses
List of research related to Digital Inclusion (DI)
  1. DI-1a: Factors promoting and hindering the implementation of PUDO services related to courier services deployed at PEDi centres in Sarawak

  2. DI-1b: Factors promoting and hindering the implementation of PUDO services related to courier services deployed at PEDi centres in Sabah

Applicants are strongly encouraged to refer to the Application Guideline before submitting the application. The Application Guideline and Proposal Submission Form may be downloaded here:
  1. DSRG 2022 Cycle 2 Application Guideline 
  2. DSRG 2022 Cycle 2 Proposal Submission Form

Completed Proposals and Queries are to be sent in via e-mail to [email protected] and marked DSRG 2/2022 SUBMISSION or DSRG 2/2022 QUERY respectively. You may also refer to the FAQs here.

Contacts (office hours only): Pn. Atiqah Nabilah Mohd Salleh at 03-8688 7854 / Ms. Bawani Sri Jayaveeran at 03-8688 8470 / Mr. Zachary Malik at 03-8688 8263 / Mr. Hidayat Fahmi at 03-8688 7968.
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