2023 Digital Society Research Grant: Call For Proposals - Cycle 1


The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is pleased to invite all eligible researchers to submit research proposal(s) under the Digital Society Research Grant (DSRG) programme.


The Call for Proposals (CFP) will be open for a period of one month:
  • Start : Wednesday, 01 March 2023; and
  • Close: 5:00 pm, Friday , 31 March 2023.

The DSRG builds the research evidence base necessary to promote and improve our understanding of the human and social factors which affect and contributes to the adoption and usage of digital technologies and services. In so doing, DSRG-funded research works provide inputs in ensuring that the advancements in communications infrastructure and services contribute to the inclusion and participation of all segments of the population in the realisation of a Digitally Connected and Informed Society (Digital Society).
For DSRG 2023, Cycle 1, MCMC is seeking GUIDED research projects to clarify regulatory and developmental gaps and inform actionable outcomes in the following categories:
  • Digital Citizenship and Cyberwellness (DCC) aims to clarify gap areas influencing participation, positive uptake and wellness in an increasingly digitally dependent world.
  • Digital Inclusion (DI) seeks to clarify regulatory and developmental gaps in areas related to factors that impede equality of access and challenge the paradigm of ensuring that no one is left behind or is deprived of digital connectivity and its benefits. 

List of research related to Digital Citizenship and Cyberwellness (DCC)
  1. DCC-1: Challenges and Opportunities of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Adoption amongst MCMC Licensees

  2. DCC-2: A Study on the Consumer Perspective and Experience in Postal Article Safety throughout Last-mile Delivery for the Postal and Courier Industry

  3. DCC-3: An Analysis of the Impact of Internal Data Sharing on Employee Productivity, Decision Making and Transforming Data into Business Value
List of research related to Digital Inclusion (DI)
  1. DI-1: Digitalisation Technology Acceptance and Adoption within the Malaysian Agriculture Sector

  2. DI-2a: Free-To-Air Channel: Uses, Motivation and Gratifications of Users in the East Coast Region of Peninsular Malaysia

  3. D1-2b: Free-To-Air Channel: Uses, Motivation and Gratifications of Users in Sarawak

  4. DI-3: Exploring the Feasibility of 6G Deployment in Malaysia: A Study on Social and Economic Considerations

  5. DI-4: Impact of Pelan Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA) Implementation

  6. DI-5: A Study on the Financial, Technical, and Operational Challenges for Malaysia's Full Migration and Dependency of IPv6 Networks

  7. DI-6: A Study on the Feasibility of a Priority Assistance Code (PAC) Service Category for Malaysia's Telecommunication Industry

  8. DI-7: A Comparative Analysis of Adoption of 5G Technologies for Digitisation by Foreign Countries' Industry Verticals

  9. DI-8: A Study on Malaysian Digital Signature (DS) Market Demand and Feasibility of Certification Authority (CA) Interoperability

  10. DI-9: A Study on the State of Digital Healthcare amongst Malaysia's Senior Citizens 
For more details on the gap area, targeted research subjects, problem and context, and desired research aims and objectives, please refer to the DSRG 2023, Cycle 1 Application Guideline in the download link below.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to refer to the DSRG 2023, Cycle 1 Application Guideline and Research Grant System User Manual before applying. The documents may be downloaded here:
  1. DSRG 2023 Cycle 1 Application Guideline 
  2. Research Grant System Applicant User Manual
  • Information Session will be conducted on Tuesday, 07 March 2023, from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Attendance for this session is voluntary but highly encouraged as the session will include important advice and reminders on proposal submissions. You may register for the information session by completing this form at [].
  • Information Session Video
  • Presentation Slides

Proposal(s) may be submitted via the Research Grant System at

For any queries, kindly e-mail [email protected] and mark “DSRG 1/2023 QUERY” as email subject line.

You may also refer to the FAQs here.

Contacts (office hours only): Mr. Zachary Malik at 03-8688 8263 / Ms. Bawani Sri Jayaveeran at 03-8688 8470 / Mr. Hidayat Fahmi at 03-8688 7968 / Pn. Atiqah Nabilah Mohd Salleh at 03-8688 7854.

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