Networked Media Research Collaboration Programme

The Networked Media Research Collaboration Programme (NMRCP) was established to enhance and promote knowledge and research in in communication and social science research in the use of networked media and its impact on the population. 

The NMRCP is a collaborative initiative whereby the award of research grants to institutions of higher learning to conduct research in focus areas is undertaken with a view to generating the required knowledge resources to support policy and regulatory decision-making. 

  • Digital and media literacy
    • Developing a competency framework for Malaysia
    • Managing critical reception and production of information
    • Ethics of digital citizenship
    • National security and digital initiatives
    • Content analysis and accessibility (urban/rural)
  • Impact of new media on the population
    • Parents and teachers: digital media perceptions, skills and literacy
    • Devices replacing human interaction
    • Online gaming
    • Non-urban population
  • Impact of MCMC’s Smart Community initiatives
  • Digital inclusion
    • Non-urban parents and teachers: digital media perceptions, skills and literacy
    • Modes and means to raise rural digital consciousness
    • Enabled environment for assisted living for persons with disability
    • Ethnic, social minorities and peripheralized communities
  • Internet, medicine and health
    • Meta research and big data
    • Action research
    • Mental health and risky behaviour
  • Internet, religion and spirituality
    • Values and religiosity as a mediating factor
    • Creativity and innovation in content development
  • Regulating the Internet
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