MCMC Capacity Building Programmes (MCBP)

MCMC Capacity Building Programmes (MCBP)

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is honoured to present the MCMC Capacity Building Programmes (MCBP), which are exclusively developed in-house by MCMC Academy and MCMC internal Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

The MCBP offers a uniquely selected list of programmes that aims to promote and provide awareness on the role of MCMC as the regulator for the converging C&M industry, functions related to network security, spectrum management, relevance to the development of the 5G technology and matters related to EMF and health.

These programmes will be conducted at MCMC Academy, MCMC Centre of Excellence (CoE), Cyberjaya.

The Big Picture: Introduction to Converged Telecommunications Regulation
This module provides an insight into the evolution that has brought us to the present-day reality of a converged regulatory order, promoting the National Policy Objectives (NPO) in an evolving industry driven by rapid technological advancements.
Keeping Everyone Safe: Network Security
This module provides learnings on how to trust the devices, services, and networks to protect privacy and keep the users safe from any form of cyber-attack.
Spectrum Management for Non-Engineer
This module is designed for non-engineers seeking a basic introduction of telecommunication system, regulatory aspects, and economic elements of Spectrum Management. It serves as an introductory programme to those seeking to understand on spectrum, how it is utilised, how it is priced, and how it is managed. The programme also will discuss on the issue of interference related to spectrum.
The Evolution of the Mobile Communication: From 0G to 5G
This module provides an overall understanding of the evolution of mobile communication technology from 0G to 5G. The module will cover the history of telecommunication systems, devices, concepts, and future technologies.
4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) for Mobile Broadband
This module provides the basic concepts and technical aspects of Long Term Evolution (LTE), and its application in mobile broadband.
Understanding the 5G Technology and Application
This module provides basic understanding of the Fifth Generation (5G) technology, from the perspective of technology, spectrum, standards, architecture and application.
Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and its Effect on Health
This module provides basic awareness and understanding on electromagnetic field (EMF) emission, with a specific focus on Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields (RF-EMF) and its effect on health and other issues.

  • Ministries and Government Agencies
  • Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs)
  • Local Authorities (PBT)
  • Industry Players
  • MCMC Licensees
  • Societies/NGOs
  • Academicians/Students
  • Public

The programme will be led by MCMC internal Subject Matter Experts (SME) from the related field.

Should there be any further enquiries with regards to the programme, please do not hesitate to contact the following officers:
Mr. Azhar Zin 03 8688 8162
016 214 8718
Ms. Aina Osman 03 8688 8006
017 517 7421
Ms. Zila Abidin 03 8688 7822
016 209 7122
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