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Fulbright-MCMC Grant

The Fulbright-MCMC Grant offers grants for academic work in the area of communications and multimedia only.   Applications are now open until xx August 2016.

A range of awards are offered in the following categories:
  1. Malaysian Graduate Study grants for those wishing to pursue a full-time master’s degree; 
  2. Malaysian Senior Researcher grants for academics and professionals to study and/or conduct research in the US;
  3. US Senior Research grants for US citizens wishing to conduct research and/or teach in a Malaysian academic or non-academic institution/body; and
  4. US Senior Specialists grants for US citizens to undertake consultation, training or collaborative work in a Malaysian host institution.
The eligible areas of study and research for the above Awards include the following priority areas:
  1. Smart Digital Nation (Cities and Communities)
  2. Data Sciences and Analytics
  3. Internet of Things 
  4. Information and Network Security
  5. Policy and Regulatory Matters (spectrum, competition, access pricing etc )
  6. Digital Inclusion
To find out more about the awards opportunities on offer, including deadlines, eligibility, benefits and how to apply, please click the links below.

Fulbright-MCMC Grants Programme To apply

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