Malaysia can achieve first-class courier services via the 4Rs.

Reliability – Quality of Service

(Delivery times & Customer Service)

Reach – Seamless Coverage

(e-Commerce and Last-Mile)

Relevance through Industry Growth

(in a Digital Economy) with
Resilience (Sustainability)



*: CAGR growth between 2019 – 2025; **: based on sample of 36 companies.

National Aspirations


Deliver better Quality of Service (QoS), seamless and sustainble coverage to all Malaysians. In addition to that, it also aims to achieve 30 parcels and delivery per capita by 2025.


Committed Quality of Service set by industry and government.

Industry-led digitalisation projects and Courier Coverage Mapping.

Strengthening of licensing regulatory framework.

National Aspirations

First-class Quality of Service for the users.

Improved integration of last-mile delivery.

Seamless customer experience.

3 Key Pillars



Providing quality services for all users to ensure accountability and transparency.


Improved integration of last-mile delivery with better accessibility and coverage area to help bridge the socioeconomic gap in the long run.


Seamless customer experience through industry digitalisation, innovation and governance.

PAKEJ - True North – Towards industry sustainability


First-class QoS and Coverage-backed Growth

Achieving Industry Sustainability

True North

NPCIL set ambitious aspirations on improving the courier industry for both users and industry players through a 5-year strategic roadmap.

Delivering Quality of Service and seamless coverage to all Malaysians sustainably to support the projected e-Commerce industry growth for 14 parcels* per capita to 30 parcels per capita by 2025.

Pillar 1
Achieving Industry Sustainability

Parcel Point Network

Asset sharing and collaboration with Posmen Komuniti

Parcel Commercial Vehicle Enhancement Proposal

Incentives to support industry sustainability

First-class Quality of Service (QoS) Standards Disclosure and Insurance Policy
Pillar 2

QoS Standards Disclosure and Insurance Policy

Licensing Framework Review

Courier Infrastructure Network Map

National Address System

* parcel per capita calculation as of December 2020 (MCMC Analysis)

The Benefits of PAKEJ

Improved access and coverage

Flexibility for users and enterprises

Improved last-mile delivery integration and coverage

High quality courier services and coverage

Seamless customer experience, delivery integration and coverage

Industry sustainability

The National Postal & Courier Industry Lab (NPCIL) was conducted across 8 weeks with 108 Lab members from 35 organisations

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