Pelan Accelerator Kurier Negara, or PAKEJ, is the brand name of the NPCIL action plan that aims to:

  • Provide wider coverage
  • Provide access and flexibility to users
  • Enhance the Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Support the projected industry growth

What is National Postal and Courier Industry Lab (NPCIL)?

The National Postal and Courier Lab (NPCIL) aims to strengthen the postal and courier industry to ensure long-term viability and provide first-class services to all Malaysians.

How did the idea of NPCIL come about?

The NPCIL was formed to help the postal and courier industry overcome specific obstacles including:

- Evolving market demands
- New and highly competitive players
- Declining service quality
- The COVID-19 pandemic

The main goal of the NPCIL is to embrace digital transformation and adapt to the Digital Economy.

How long will it take to implement PAKEJ?

PAKEJ is a five-year plan (2021-2025) that will be implemented based on two key pillars:

- Achieving Industry Sustainability
- Achieving First-Class Quality of Service (QoS) and Coverage-backed Growth

What are the main approaches for PAKEJ?

PAKEJ aims to provide Malaysia with first-class courier services through the 4Rs approach:

i.  Reliability – Quality of Service
ii. Reach – Seamless Coverage
iii. Relevance – Through Industry Growth
iv. Resilience – Sustainabaility

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