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The house number is updated into the Digital


Each premise with a complete address will

then be registered in PMB’s Address Information

System database. The coordinates of the premises

will be obtained using GPS and mapped into the

digital map and updated into PMB’s Mail Processing

Machines’ database.

As of today, 60,000 premises have been given these

addresses, including premises in Sabah and Sarawak.


The project is expected to not only benefit PMB

in processing and delivering mails but also other

parties that will require the use of accurate addresses.

These parties include government agencies such as

local authorities, police, fire and ambulance which

will be able to arrive at the scene in a timely manner

in cases of emergency. The AFA initiative is also in

line with the National Postal Strategy (2010-2014)

that aims to improve mail delivery service coverage

in rural areas.

Among the benefits of the AFA project are as follows:

a. Ensure that all premises and houses in Malaysia

have full and proper addresses;

b. Ensure that all residential addresses of customers

are based on a standard address structure that is

recognised by SIRIM, for the purpose of facilitating

the processing and delivery of mail or for use by

other organizations such as the Police, Fire and

Rescue Dept, and Ambulance services;

c. Establish a Standard Operating of Procedure (SOP)

that can be used in a systematic and sustained

manner, not only by PMB but also by the local

authorities (PBTs) in implementing the numbering

system and naming of streets and sub-locations in


d. Reduce returned mail (retour) or letters that cannot

be delivered because of problem addresses; and

e. Achieve MCMC’s standard in terms of mail delivery



Home and Premise Address is a key infrastructure

for Malaysia to elevate its status from a developing

country to a developed country. By Year 2020, all

premises in Malaysia will have complete addresses

through the AFA initiative. Alternate delivery

methods such us Community Delivery Box can also be

proposed for the purpose of reducing delivery costs.

Indirectly and this initiative will assist in the provision

of effective door to door mail delivery services in rural



AFA implementation procedures

AFA Task Force goes down to the ground to collect

information using GPS Tool


Delivery Postman provides the necessary information


The villagers are engaged for the assignment of

house numbers


The information are plotted into a digital map


The house number is updated into the Digital Map


House number plaque is installed at the premise