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roduct certification is the process of certifying

that a certain product has passed safety,

performance and quality assurance tests, and

meets qualification and interoperable criteria

stipulated in regulations or mandatory specifications.

As more and more people use communications devices

and for longer and longer periods of time, safety and

interoperability of the devices they use become extremely

important. Device certification is the process which the

government ensures this.

In the communications industry, Malaysian

Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)

has the responsibility to promote the development

of standards which is crucial in ensuring network

interoperability and safety of consumers. In line with this

objective, communications equipment shall be certified

according to the relevant standards before they can be

used, offered for sale or sold in the country.

Only communications equipment which are certified

as compliant with the standards can be imported into the

country. This requirement is enforced through the Customs

(Prohibition of Imports)(Amendment)(No 4) Order 2015.


Product certification is often required in safety, health

and reliability sensitive industries and marketplace areas

where a failure could have serious consequences, such as

negatively affecting the health and welfare of the people

or person using that product. For example, certification

is stringent in aerospace applications, since the demand

for low weight tend to lead to high stress on components,

requiring appropriate metallurgy and accuracy in

manufacturing. Other examples of sensitive products

include food, pharmaceutical, healthcare, dangerous

goods, and products that have RF emissions such as

computers and cellular telephones.

Some of the risks which can be incurred when using

non-certified communications devices include electric

shock or fire which can be lethal, Electromagnetic Field

(EMF) emissions above safe levels and interference or

compatibility. The product may also be a fake product and

affect customer satisfaction. Finally, the product is likely

to be illegal, placing the purchaser in probable breach of

the law.


Device Certification

Certification of communications devices plays a role

in ensuring the Malaysian market carries a wide

range of safe and interoperable devices.

Abdul Karim Abdul Razak