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MCMC has the mandate to ensure network interoperability

and the safety of consumers. The Communications

and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA 98) provides the legal

framework for these responsibilities.

Under section 182 of CMA 98, the use of any

technical equipment or systems which hinder network

interoperability is an offence. Additionally, under section

183 of CMA 98, the use of any technical equipment

or systems which compromise public safety is also an


To achieve these objectives MCMC may designate

an industry body to be a forum for technical standards

(section 184 of CMA 98). The technical codes prepared

by MCMC or the technical standards forum shall include

the requirements for network interoperability and safety

(section 185 of CMA 98) and MCMC may register certifying

agencies for the purpose of certifying compliance with

codes or standards (section 186 of CMA 98).

The Communications and Multimedia (Technical

Standards) Regulations 2000 (Technical Standards

Regulations) further define the legislative rules that

regulate the communications devices certification

programme. Under regulation 14 of Technical Standards

Regulations, all communications equipment are required

to be certified.

Regulation 22 (a) stipulates that a supplier of

communications equipment shall ensure that all certified

communications equipment bears a certification mark or

label approved by MCMC or a registered certifying agency,

to indicate that it complies with the standards.

Regulation 15 covers the design, installation, operation,

maintenance or modification of communications

equipment that are contrary to standards or likely to cause

interoperability, interference or affect safety. Regulation 16

prevents the use, offer for sale or sale of communications

equipment that are contrary to standards, not certified

or no longer complies with standards. Regulation 17

stipulates that the affixing of certification marks or

labels to non-certified communications equipment or any

misleading act is illegal.

There are penalties for non-compliance with the

Technical Standards Regulations. Offenders can be

fined RM100,000 and/or receive jail sentences of up to 6

months for breaches of regulations 16 and 17. A breach of

regulation 15 may result in a fine of RM300,000 and/or a

jail term of 3 years.

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer or importer

of the communications equipment or an authorised

agent of the manufacturer or importer to ensure that

their communications product is certified and carries the

MCMC certification label.


Device certification starts with the standardisation

process. A certified device is usually verified to comply

with a standard or specification. Standards are the

applicable technical standards including processes and

procedures established for the purpose of ensuring the

safety, non-interference, performance and interoperability

of any communications equipment and network facilities.

Communication devices