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The body responsible for the certification scheme (in

this case, MCMC) has the responsibility to consider the

choice of available specifications and to select and adopt

the applicable ones, set qualification limits, and enforce

compliance to those limits.

Standards are usually set or adopted by industry

bodies through a process of discussion, investigation and

consultation. Once a standard has been agreed upon,

the industry concerned will then develop products and

services according to the specifications that have been



MCMC together with the Malaysian Technical Standards

Forum Berhad (MTSFB) develop standards for the

Malaysian communications industry. MTSFB is an

industry forum that was designated as a technical

standards forum under the mandate given to MCMC in the

CMA 98. It develops and recommends codes or standards

for registration under the CMA 98. Membership is open

to operators, manufacturers, vendors, universities, R&D

organisations, government agencies or non-government

agencies and other interested parties.

The process of standardisation is carried out by

established Working Groups. Areas covered by the MTSFB

are fixed and wireless terminals, network infrastructure,

terrestrial and satellite broadcasting, IPv6, Internet of

Things etc. Once these standards have been registered

under the CMA 98, all devices meant for the Malaysian





certified for compliance

with these standards.

The finalisation of a

standard goes through a

process of study, drafting,

consulting and approval.





formation of a Working

Group (WG). The WG then

drafts the Standard. The

draft Standard is then put

up for public comments

or consultation. After

comments are received,

the WG will review the

comments. A final draft is then readied and approved

by the Reference Panel and MTSFB Board. It is then

submitted as a recommendation to MCMC. After approval

by MCMC, the Standard will be registered and published.

Details of all standards and codes approved by MCMC can

be found at



Product certification bodies usually are Accredition Bodies

that adhere to ISO/IEC Guide 65:199, an international

standard for ensuring competence in those organisations

performing product certifications.

SIRIM QAS International is the Certifying Agency

(CA) appointed by MCMC for the purpose of certifying

compliance with codes and standards issued by MCMC for

all communications equipment. SIRIM QAS International

is also the Cross Border Regulatory Agency (CBRA)

appointed by the Royal Malaysian Customs for the

purpose of issuing import permit for all communications

equipment imported into the country.

The process for certification of a device is generally

summed up in four steps:

• Application which includes submission of the product

test reports, issued by an accredited lab;

• Evaluation to determine if the test reports indicate

that the product meets the qualification criteria;

• Decision, where the certification body certifies that

the product meets the standards and certification

criteria; and

• Surveillance, by which the regulators monitor the

market to ensure that products in the marketplace

continue to meet the standards and certifications


The certification requirements for communications

devices cover the following areas:

• Safety (Electrical and Radio Frequency Specific

Absorption Rate);

• Interoperability (Performance Characteristics); and

• Radio Frequency (Frequency, Power Limit and

Electromagnetic Compatibility).


All certified communication devices sold in Malaysia shall

have an MCMC certification label on them. Some of the

communication devices which must carry such labels

include mobile telephones, WiFi devices, walkie-talkie,

digital or satellite TV devices, computers, laptops, tablets,

fixed phones and fax machines, just to name a few. In June

2015, MCMC introduced a new labelling program which

allows certificate holders to prepare MCMC labels on their

own through Self-Labelling Program (SLP) administered

by SIRIM QAS International. This programme aims to

facilitate the ease of certified products being labelled by

the certificate holders and improve the business process.

Old and new MCMC certification labels