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Prior to that, MCMC label was in the

form of hologram stickers which were

issued to certificate holders by SIRIM

QAS International.

The new MCMC certification label

can be physical or in the form of an

e-label. The physical label is normally

affixed onto the device casing. It may

be printed on warranty cards or device

manuals in the case of tiny devices. In

the case of e-labels, they are usually

found in the mobile phone firmware

(Settings >> General >> About device >>

Legal information >> Regulatory). The

authenticity of an MCMC certification

label can be checked at https://ecomm.

or by downloading the Check

Your Label mobile smartphone app.

The first thing to do when verifying a communications

device is to look for the MCMC certification label (e-label

or physical label) before buying a communication device.

The user can then retrieve the IMEI number of that

device by typing *#06# or by locating the serial number

of that device. Next would be to ensure that the device’s

approval information displayed (model number, brand,

supplier, etc.) are accurate and belong to the device. This

can be done by entering the device details at the www.

site or the Check Your Label mobile

smartphone app.


MCMC has embarked on a periodical market surveillance

programme in collaborationwith SIRIMQAS International.

Market surveillance is an essential mechanism to promote

continued compliance of regulated equipment.

Market surveillance is effective because it closes

the loop between the product sample(s) submitted for

compliance certification and those sold in the market. It

involves purchases of samples from the market according

to a sampling plan. These samples will then be evaluated

to ensure they meet all the requirements. The

process includes stringent testing and verification

of certification records as well as authenticity

of the certification labels. If non-certified or

non-compliance devices are found, the parties

concerned will be notified to explain why action

cannot be taken against them. Where necessary,

sanctions (administrative or legal) are undertaken

against the errant parties.



Check Your Label (CYL) is a campaign to create

awareness among consumers on the importance

of buying communication devices with a valid

MCMC certification label. Communication

devices without the label may be counterfeit/

clone or illegal (e.g. WiFi cracker, frequency

jammer). The campaign guides consumers on

how they can verify the validity of the label on

the communication devices.

The campaign uses various channels to

educate consumers. Campaign channels include

roadshows and exhibitions at popular gadget

malls, newspaper advertisements as well as large

billboards along major highways. The campaign

aims to educate consumers that by deciding to

choose certified products, they have made the

right decision for their safety.

Spreading the message through roaad shows and exhibitions

One of the advertisements used in the campaign