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green products has been recognised locally with the

highest Award in the country namely, the Prime Minister

Hibiscus Award for both Environmental Performance

and Special Project Category as well as Malaysian

International Trade and Industry (MITI) Industrial

Excellence Award. In the international arena, Shan

Poornam has received awards from United Arab Emirates

(UAE) and Spain for excellence and leadership in relation

to the environment.

Its environmentally friendly manufacturing practice

and high standards in quality control have earned the

group certifications for ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OSHAS


Other notable achievements are:

a) Speaker and Panelist at United Nations Environment

Program (UNEP) and International Environmental

Technology Centre (IETC).

b) Coverage in both local and International publications

which includes “SCRAP Magazine” published by

Institute of Scrap Recycling Institute (ISRI) in

Washington DC.

In recognising their capabilities, the Department of

Environment Malaysia (DOE) and Japanese International

Corporation Agency (JICA) has appointed Shan Poornam

to spearhead the recycling and recovery of household

e-waste including ICT and chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)

recycling at the national level. The Ministry of Economic

Trade Industry Japan (METI)




transfer from Japan to Shan




employed by the informal

sector do not exceed 60%

extraction which subsequently

leads to these E-Waste

either being mismanaged

or eventually deposited in

landfills. Most importantly

there are no other recycling




capture and recycle CFCs

(Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs),


(HCFCs), Hydrofluorocarbons

(HFCs) and pentane) gas

that is commonly found in

household e-waste. CFCs is

primary responsible for the

depletion of the ozone layer

in the stratosphere and global

warming. Shan Poornam is

investing in cutting edge technologies from Japan and

Germany to ensure zero CFCs escapees and enable it to

recover household e-waste up to 98%.

The benefit to the nation will be tremendous. Shan

Poornam will create a much cleaner environment by

recycling e-waste just as well as any developed nation.

These activities are of national importance as:

a) Reducing emission of greenhouse gas which

includes CFC is one the National Mitigations

Actions pledged by Malaysia towards the world

effort in Climate Change as per Copenhagen Accord

2009. Shan Poornam will be able to contribute

towards Malaysia’s pledge in 2009 to ‘reduce its

carbon dioxide emissions (levels) to 40 per cent by

the year 2020 compared to the 2005 levels’;

b) Shan Poornam is providing infrastructure needed by

both local and overseas manufacturers to fulfil their

commitment to Extended Producer Responsibility

(EPR) for Household E-Waste and CFC Recycling

which will in turn help the country to comply with

the Basel Convention;

c) There will be high impact on the economy as the

nation will be able to conserve natural resources;

d) Malaysia would be a good role model for household

EWaste ‘White Goods’ management system in South

East Asia. It will spur the growth of a whole new


e) It is a one of a kind project undertaken by a

developing nation and definitely at standards

comparable to that of developed nations in line with

Vision 2020; and

f) Most importantly it will reduce our landfill

problems and improve the socio-economic status of


With its existing facilities and new facilities that will

be established to manage the recovery and recycling

of the Household e-waste and CFC recycling, Shan

Poornam will put Malaysia on the global map as a

pioneering developing nation in e-waste management.

Integrated Environmentally Sound Management Facility

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