Application For Licence

Licence Communications And Multimedia Act 98

  1. Spectrum Assignments
    1. Spectrum Assignment
    2. Spectrum Assignment Application
  2. Apparatus Assignments
    1. Fixed Services
      For fixed point-to-point apparatus e.g. microwave links, telemetry links, earth station apparatus.
      1. Earth Station (less than 2.4 metre)
      2. Earth Station (2.4 metre and above)
      3. Land Station (less than 30 MHz)
      4. Land Station (30 MHz up to 3GHz)
      5. Land Station (more than 3 GHz)
      6. Experimental Station
      7. Press Receiving Station
      8. Fixed Station
    2. Radiodetermination Services
      For radiodetermination and radar.
      1. Radiolocation Station
      2. Radionavigation Station
      3. Radiodetermination Station
    3. Space Services
      For space and satellite station apparatus.
      1. Space Station
      2. Amateur-Satellite Station
      3. Broadcasting Satellite Station
      4. Fixed-Satellite Station
    4. Mobile Services
      For repeaters, base and mobile/walkie talkies used in mobile services as well as maritime and euronautical mobiles.
      1. Mobile Station
      2. Land Mobile Station
      3. Aeronautical Mobile Station
      4. Mobile Earth Station
      5. Maritime Mobile Earth Station
      6. Aeronautical Mobile Earth Station
      7. Experimental Station
      8. Ship Station
      9. Remote Controlled Station
      10. Private Use Station
      11. Paging Base Station
      12. Cellular Radio Base Station
      13. Leased Channel radio Base Station
      14. Trunked Radio Base Station
      15. Cordless Base Station
      16. Coast Station
      17. Wireless Alarm Station
      18. Aircraft Station
      19. Aeronautical Fixed Station
    5. Broadcasting Services
      For broadcasting transmitter and repeater apparatus.
      1. Broadcasting Transmitter Station
      2. Broadcasting Repeater Station
    6. Amateur Services
      For amateur station apparatus in various classes.
      1. Amateur Station (Class A)
      2. Amateur Station (Class B)
      3. Amateur Repeater Station
    7. International Coordination
      Applicants applying for apparatus assignment used near the international borders e.g. Thailand, Singapore and Brunei are required to submit the International Coordination Form together with the Apparatus Assignment Application Form for international frequency coordination. The purpose of coordination is to avoid dispute on rights to use spectrum near international border and globally.
      • Earth Station
        For satellite earth stations operating in the designated international coordination areas.
      • Microwave
        For systems operating in a frequency higher than 1 Ghz and are used in the designated international coordination areas.
      • Non-Microwave
        For systems operating in a frequency lower than 1 Ghz and are used in the designated international coordination areas.
        Note: Systems operating in a frequency lower than 30 Mhz are required to submit this form regardless of areas or operation.
  3. Class Assignments
    **no application is needed

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Licence Postal Services Act 1991

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