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Complaints Against Pos Malaysia

13 Dec 2018
The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) takes consumer complaints seriously and is committed to regulate to improve the overall operational efficiency and quality of service of the postal and courier service industry in Malaysia.  

To date, the MCMC has issued more than 120 licences including to major international courier players in order to support the growing e-commerce industry. Promoting healthy competition is essential to promote service delivery efficiency and innovation.

As the biggest delivery company in Malaysia, Pos Malaysia (Pos) has taken drastic measures to improve the National postal system for the benefit of all citizens both in urban and rural areas. These are some of the rehabilitative steps that have been and will be taken by Pos in the next 12 months, following the call by YB Minister on July 12, 2018 to improve services; 
  • Upgrade of the Integrated Parcel Centre (IPC)  The works were completed in June 2018 that improved and enhanced parcel processing capacity. IPC’s processing capacity was increased by 150% and is able to process 300 thousand packages a day compared to 120 thousand packages a day previously. As a result, Pos has enabled to handle a record breaking 4.4 million parcel deliveries during the “11.11” mega sales surpassing the previous record of 4 million parcels. Pos parcel processing capacity will be further increased to 500 thousand packages a day when a second IPC facility at KLIA is completed in 2019.  
  • Strengthen its customer service  80 additional customer service specialists were added in August 2018 to supplement Pos customer service officers, resulting in a total strength of 150 customer service personnel to handle complaints more efficiently. Since then, Pos has noticed a reduction in the number of complaints received.
In addition to the steps taken by Pos, MCMC will further enhance the consumer protection regime by introducing a combination of minimum service performance standard and self-regulatory mechanism to all postal and courier licensees, in line with the provisions under the Postal Services Act 2012. Towards this end, a consultation session with stakeholders will be held in Q1 2019.   
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