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Malaysia’s 5G Taskforce Forms Working Groups At Inaugural Meeting

    CYBERJAYA, 12 December 2018 --- The Malaysian 5G Taskforce (5GT) held its first meeting at the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) headquarters late last month. The meeting was chaired by Dato’ Mohd Ali Hanafiah, the Chief Officer for Communications and Digital Ecosystem Sector, MCMC, together with the taskforce’s deputy chair, Muniff Kamaruddin from Celcom. 

    The taskforce has 31 permanent members (see list below) comprising of service providers, business associations, communications equipment vendors, academia, ministries and agencies. All have agreed to establish 4 working groups and each group was asked to appoint its own chairperson. These focus groups are intended to move rapidly and efficiently and present their findings and recommendations to the taskforce.

    “There are many more organizations that have expressed interest to participate. We welcome them to share their expertise in the specific sub-working groups,” said Dato’ Ali Hanafiah. 
    “The Taskforce will produce a monthly report to the Communications and Multimedia Minister to keep him abreast with the latest development made by the working groups. It is expected to prepare a comprehensive report on the 5G Key Challenges and 5G Nationwide Implementation Plan by Q3 2019,” he added.

    5G Taskforce Working Groups
    No Group Areas Chair Members
    1 Business Case User trends, requirements and demand study, 5G adoption, job creation, GDP growth, etc. Representative from the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) FMM, Crest, MyIoTA, MARDI, MAI, MPOC, MAMPU, MDEC, MIGHT, MOE, MMU, UTM
    2 Spectrum Management and Allocation Allocation at ITU, APT and Malaysia, required bandwidth to support national targets, identify spectrum bands for Malaysia, etc. Representative from Celcom Celcom, Digi, Ericsson, Huawei, Maxis, TM, Umobile, ZTE
    3 Infrastructure Requirements and coverage for optimum 5G deployment for different services, gaps analysis on current networks, costs, challenges, right-of-way, etc. Representative from Maxis Maxis, Celcom, Cyberview, Edotco, JKR, PJC, TIME, TM, TNB, TNB-IT, Umobile, Digi
    4 Regulatory Technical standards to be adopted, optimum number of mobile operators, accommodating future business models for network providers and relevant stakeholders Representative from Digi Digi, Celcom, Cyberview, Edotco, Khazanah, JKR, MTFSB, Maxis, KKMM, KPKT, Perbadanan Putrajaya, TIME, TM, Umobile
    Permanent members of the Taskforce

    No. Organisation
    1 Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM)
    2 Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science & Technology  (Crest)
    3 Malaysia IoT Association (MyIoTA)
    4 Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI)
    5 Malaysian Automotive Institute (MAI)
    6 Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)
    7 MAMPU
    8 MDEC
    9 MIGHT
    10 Ministry of Education (MOE)
    11 Multimedia University Malaysia (MMU)
    12 University of Technology Malaysia (UTM)
    13 Maxis
    14 Celcom
    15 Cyberview
    16 Digi
    17 Edotco
    18 Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR)
    19 Perbadanan Putrajaya
    20 Time
    21 TM
    22 TNB
    23 TNB IT
    24 UMobile
    25 Khazanah
    26 Malaysian Technical Standards Forum Berhad  (MTFSB)
    27 Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM)
    28 Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT)
    29 Ericsson
    30 Huawei
    31 ZTE

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