Apparatus Assignment Application Forms

Apparatus assignment application form for each service is provided below:

1. Broadcasting Service

For broadcasting transmitter and repeater apparatus;

2. Mobile Service

For repeaters, base and mobile/walkie talkies used in mobile services as well as maritime and aeronautical mobiles;

For aircraft station;

For ship station;

3. Fixed Service

For fixed point-to-point apparatus e.g. microwave links, telemetry links, earth station apparatus;

For earth station;

4. Amateur Service

For amateur station apparatus in various classes;

For amateur repeater station;

5. Radiodetermination Service

For radiodetermination and radar;

6. Space Service

For space and satellite station apparatus

International Coordination Forms for respective type of stations are provided below:
1. Earth Station

For satellite earth stations operating in the designated international coordination areas;

2. Microwave station  (for system operating in frequency higher than 1 GHz)

For systems operating in a frequency higher than 1 Ghz and are used in the designated international coordination areas;
2. Non - Microwave station (for systems operating in a frequency lower than 1 GHz)
Note: Systems operating in a frequency lower than 30 Mhz are required to submit this form regardless of areas or operation.

Concise explanatory notes and instructions on how to fill in the application forms mentioned above are provided in the link below. 

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